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With a reputation built on quality and reliability, B&E provides peace of mind through leading-edge design and construction excellence in fire protection services.

B&E’s long history brings a depth of knowledge and experience to the projects. Our diverse project experience includes commercial, retail, health, education and industrial fire protection projects. Our significant project achievements include fire protection installations in high-rise apartment buildings, aged care facilities and industrial warehouses. What we bring to the table is the assurance that our services are completed with the cost-effective and time efficient approach that we’re known for.

Design and construct specialists.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a full scope design and construct service to our clients. Our designers are some of the only industry qualified fire protection designers in Australia. This deep understanding of the technical aspects provides a best fit solution without the need to engage third party consultants, resulting in exceptional value throughout the design and construct phase.

We hold the necessary, nationally recognised insurances including Public Liability and Professional Indemnity and all projects are covered by third party certification on handover to ensure quality assurance and peace of mind.

What we bring to the table is the guarantee that our services are completed with the cost-effective and time efficient approach that we’re known for.

Our strengths include:

  • an innovative, solution-driven design and construct service
  • using the latest computer based design software including REVIT, providing efficiency in design
  • our Project Managers and Design Team work closely with other trades to reduce onsite delays
  • our staff are skilled in multiple equipment and system designs.

We take pride in our workmanship, with our core focus on client satisfaction. In collaboration with our clients, we understand the critical nature of our work and the role it plays in the protection of people and the environment.

B&E has up-to-date OHS plans, risk management and emergency procedures along with the insurance and qualifications required to meet commercial and government tender requests. We’re members of the National Fire Industry Association (NFIA) and Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA). All technicians are kept informed with the latest regulations and innovations in fire protection.

Fire protection services include:

  • fire protection project management
  • shop and office sprinkler fit-outs
  • hydrant and hose reel installations
  • automatic fire sprinkler systems
  • high hazard warehouse sprinkler systems
  • thermal and smoke detection systems
  • Emergency Warning & Intercommunication Systems (EWIS)
  • fixed and portable fire extinguishers.

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